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Las rebajas todavía no terminan y yo sigo sugiriendo webs donde encontrar cosas ideales a buen precio. Seguro que habéis oido hablar de Dresslink y si no, os cuento que es una web donde podemos encontrar ropa y accesorios a un precio que si normalmente es bueno, ahora en rebajas es genial! He hecho una recopilación de algunas de las prendas que podéis encontrar y son perfectas para completar los must have del verano. A mi este año me ha dado por los kimonos, este me encanta. Y qué os voy a decir de los tops de crochet, son la tendencia del verano! (pronto os enseñaré el mio) Os he dejado el link de cada prenda para que podais ver los detalles.Yo ya he hecho mi primer pedido, cuando llegue os cuento como ha sido mi experiencia y os enseño mi selección.

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Sales have not yet finished and I'm suggesting websites where you can find fantastic things at a good price. Sure you heard or read about Dresslink and if not, I tell you that is a website where you can find clothes and accessories at a price that, if normally is good, now on sales is great! I made a compilation of some of the items that you can find and are perfect to complete your summer must have. This year kimonos are my passion, I love this. And what I can say about the crochet tops, are the summer trend! (soon I will show you that I have) I've left the link of each item so you can see the details. I've already made my first purchase, when it arrives I'll tell you how have been my experience and I'll show you my clothes selection.


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  1. I really like Dresslink! I've purchased some pieces and it's really worth the price.

    Marta Rodrigues, Majestic

  2. Love this inspirations ;)

  3. great selection! I like all of this:)

  4. Me encanta que pongais estas paginas asi para poder comprar cositas en rebajas!!
    Me ayudan mucho, y tu lista eta muy chula
    un besitoo

  5. Love these picks - you can never go wrong with a great dress, especially at a bargain price!

  6. Una selección fabulosa, me encanta todo!! a mí también me ha dado por los kimonos y este me parece precioso!!
    me encanta esta página, tienen cosas muy bonitas!!
    un besito y que pases una feliz semana!!

    100% natural & homemade cosmetics => sano sanisimo

  7. The n.6 playsuit is really pretty ! x

  8. Oh dear thanks a lot :D I'm really grateful that you think is a good idea. I feel that my duty was fulfilled. With this kind of posts I want to pass you the idea that it's easy to save money and that it is much better to have something done for us and which we identify. <3

    I really love the plaid playsuit <3

    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  9. nice pics , I wear their clothes too, they have very big assortment !


  10. Muy buena selección de prendas. Me encanta el kimono.


  11. ¡Me encanta el mono de cuadros! Voy a tener que tener muuuucho autocontrol jaja

  12. Thank you for the comment on my blog! Yes, I would like to follow each other and I'm now following you on GFC and Bloglovin. I'm looking forward to seeing you do the same hun!
    Great wishlist by the way

  13. nice wishlist!

  14. Olá.
    Que looks lindos de verão!
    Podia ser verão o ano todo para podermos usar e abusar de looks lindos e fresquinhos!!!


    Doce Nini

  15. Great post and amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!


  16. Oi linda!
    Gostei muito de conhecer o seu blog.
    Eu estou achando que ele é muito estiloso, tem uma visualização muito bonita e é cheio de informação útil.
    Dé uma passadinha no meu blog, você vai adora ele tanto quanto eu adorei o seu.
    Se gostar, me siga. Mas se você não gosta.......
    ME SIGA mesmo assim!!! rsrsrs

  17. Such beautiful items on your wish list! Wouldn't mind owning all of them ;-)

    Hugs <3

  18. Thanks a lot my dear :D It's very important to me to know this <3

    NEW POST | Men’s Clutch: Hot or Not?
    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  19. Una selección genial!!

  20. oh, fabulous selection! nr. 1, 3 and 5 are my favorite :D xoxo

  21. really great stuff dear :D

    btw i already follow u by GFC #636 :)
    your turn dear :D

  22. Me encanta la elleción que has hecho :)
    Un beso!

  23. I loved , beautiful pieces 'm following you here , a kiss

  24. hi sorry about the last comment I made, I was meant to put it on another blog. so sorry hope you dont misunderstood.
    You never asked me to follow each other on other social medias, im sorry :)

    hope we can keep in touch, have a nice day x


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